At Shred Monk, we roast coffee and brew beer for those looking to Get Up and get after it and for those looking to Get Down and celebrate achievements of any size. We believe life demands a balance of work and play and both can be pursued with intentionality and purpose. Here you can learn more about the Shred Monk origin story and philosophy.


What the f**k is a Shred Monk?


Who started all of this?


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Brewed locally in Bozeman, Montana.

What is a Shred Monk?

A Shred Monk is a person that defaults to action in disciplined pursuit of their goals. Without the Shred, the Monk stays too introspective and doesn’t act. Without the Monk, the Shredder acts without thought or purpose. A Yin and Yang that we attempt to keep in constant tension and balance.


On Beer and Health

Here at Shred Monk, we choose to live in Bozeman because we’re passionate about running, skiing, biking, climbing, etc. in the mountains. We also love sharing beers with our friends and telling stories of the fish that got away or the bear that made us turn around eight miles into a trail run.

We started Shred Monk with the goal of making some of the best lower alcohol beers in America - not to cash in on a growing trend in which consumers are making healthier food and beverage choices - but to give people like us healthier beer options so we can have a vibrant social life and still get after it the next morning. It should be intuitive that drinking a lower alcohol beer is a healthier choice than drinking a 12% triple IPA just as drinking two beers is probably a better choice than drinking six beers. Our mission is to make incredible tasting beers with the alcohol dialed back a bit because we want it all - to pursue big mountain goals AND to share a few pints with friends.

Hubris and Humility

Starting a new business in an established industry requires a certain amount of hubris. Research actually suggests that overconfidence is the biggest predictor of whether or not someone becomes an entrepreneur. Who opens a new pizza joint in a city with 200 businesses already slinging pies? Someone with a passion for pizza and the belief they can do it better, that’s who. We’re no different. There are north of 8000 craft breweries in the US and more than 100 in the state of Montana...and we believe we can do it better than most of them. Hubris? Yes.

Importantly though, we temper that hubris with humility because we believe there is always room to grow and improve no matter how good you are. We subscribe to the idea of Perpetual Iteration - continuously examining and improving on previous efforts with the goal of improving the product. Are you any different? Aren’t we all trying to be a better person, partner, or parent? Why should Shred Monk be any different? Know that whether you join us in our coffeehouse and brewpub or are enjoying our coffee or beer at home, we aim to be even better the next time.

Shred -- To get after it.
Monk -- To live intentionally.



Free beer to a college kid? Like a moth to a flame, Mike’s craft beer indoctrination began 20 years ago when a friend suggested touring Kansas City’s Boulevard Brewery because they gave away free beer during and after the tour. That backstage pass and a first sip of pale ale stoked a passion
for craft beer and an interest in the balance between the science and art that defines the industry. Now, having come full circle to opening a brewery, Mike aims to build the Shred Monk community and share his love of craft beer with locals and visitors alike.

Mike is a terrible skier but an aspiring ski bum nonetheless - thankfully his business and family keep that in check for the most part. He also loves running and never finds enough time to fish and hunt as much as he’d like.


David tends to dream big and values combining optimism, curiosity, and the search for truth and the ideal in what he pursues. For Shred Monk this looks like a desire to help bring forth the best beer, food and coffee experience possible under one brand and see to it that Shred Monk continues to evolve and improve far into the future. David is involved in various other enterprises within a wide range of industries and has a passion for growing businesses that bring a positive impact in the lives of those involved as well as the greater community in which they inhabit.

Like his varied interest in business, this carries over to a variety of interest in the outdoors, but is mostly anchored in a passion for running long distances in the mountains.


Brant began homebrewing at the age of 18, and since then he has done everything in his power to gain as much knowledge as possible on all things beer. With over 5 years of professional experience, he has been doing just that. After spending a short time brewing in Louisville KY, he made the pilgrimage to the beer mecca that is North Carolina. For years he brewed alongside his friend and mentor, a German educated, 34 year veteran of the industry. Now he is eager and ready to help bring the Shred Monk concept to life.

On any given weekend, you can find Brant on just about any trail in and around Bozeman, probably training for his next ultra running adventure.


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