A brewery that roasts its own coffee? You bet your beans. We believe most people who appreciate craft beer also appreciate great craft coffee. 



Yes, there are 73 coffee shops in Downtown Bozeman (ok it's more like 12), but we're the only shop in town focusing exclusively on single origin beans. Similar to single malt scotch or wine made from a single grape varietal, single origin coffee beans are typically grown and processed in one location and often, one specific farm.

Blends, on the other hand, are a mix of beans, often from all over the world (and all over the quality spectrum). Roasters like blends because the end result can be a balanced cup of coffee. Its cheaper too - blends typically include lower quality (read: cheap) beans to keep the price point down. Some blends CAN be great, some...not so much.

We're more interested in exploring the characteristics unique to each coffee varietal. Much like comparing a Russian River pinot noir to a Willamette Valley pinot (or even two pinots from different producers in the same region), getting to try and learn about specifc coffee varietals is an exciting educational and sensory experience that blends just can't offer. More expensive? Probably yes. Nerdy? Unapologetically yes. But that's the Shred Monk way - learning and improving every day with the goal of producing the best quality coffee, beer, and food we can.